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            Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre Melbourne  •  Australia 713 Total Events  •  144 Upcoming Events
            Shanghai New International Expo Centre(SNIEC) Shanghai  •  China 603 Total Events  •  207 Upcoming Events
            Tokyo Big Sight Koto  •  Japan 595 Total Events  •  277 Upcoming Events
            ExCeL London London  •  United Kingdom 520 Total Events  •  206 Upcoming Events
            Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre Brisbane  •  Australia 488 Total Events  •  100 Upcoming Events
            International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) Sydney  •  Australia 474 Total Events  •  134 Upcoming Events

            Featured Organizers worldwide leading event organisers

            Shenzhen Logistics and Supply Chain Management Association
            Reed K. Fairs Ltd.
            China Foreign Trade Centre (Group)
            Creativity Informa Markets
            Farasoo Holding Corporation
            Hyve Group
            Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd
            Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co. Limited
            Inter Ads Exhibitions Private Limited
            Ipekyolu International Exhibitions Limited

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            no-pic ANIKET PATEL Partner at M/s R K Delvadiya 250 Events Attended  •  2639 Connections
            no-pic Pranshu Gupta Owner at Ritu Dye Chem 4 Events Attended  •  1648 Connections
            no-pic Keyle Hernandez Student at school 141 Events Attended  •  1603 Connections
            no-pic BRAXTON SMITH Dudhe at DBdbdb 275 Events Attended  •  1681 Connections
            no-pic JOE EDMOND Marketing Director at cancer Research Canada 192 Events Attended  •  1 Connections
            no-pic Alex Almendras Global Marketer at www.builderaff.com 29 Events Attended  •  1143 Connections

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